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Albina Bunina Art

Location: Russia
Year of birth: 1987
is an act
of healing

Meet Surreal Botanical Art Full of Hidden Sence

'As an artist, I am interested in the processes of containment, processing and transforming of internal contents that literally take on flesh and density on my canvases.
I am inspired and thrilled by episodes of contact with art, which help the artist and the viewer reflect on the past, deal with the present and foresee the future.

Painting is my medium, the “mediator” not only between me and the viewer but also between the layers of my mental, emotional, physiological and visual experience.

Painting, putting the layers of paint and strokes, drawing lines, and the process of “drawing myself out” is paramount in my art. My painting is an act of healing, no matter how immodest it may sound. It's a tricky and sophisticated procedure, but it happens dartingly and almost unconsciously.

My works are not just abstract experiments, but “prints” and representations of the feelings experienced at different times. Paintings are born of an impulse and a desire to resist confusion while facing the scale of the overwhelming emotions, the severity of physical pain and the ever-increasing speed of the world. Sometimes I feel some grief and longing. But instead of cherishing the sorrowful experiences, I transform them into the soil for future fruits, saturated with energy and vital juices, for full-blooded ones, almost “flesh” colours, for giant natural objects. These fruits and flowers keep the memory of their origins, about what “nourished” them. As well as I remember the injuries and scars. But they no longer matter, only a new life does, life trampling death and despondency and growing out of them. So I declare that my art is being born not only as a reaction to trauma, but also as a desire to overcome this trauma: images on the canvases remember their “roots”, but still gravitate upwards.

The painting becomes a playful experiment allowing me to explore deeper the hidden in me and in a viewer. I collect imperfect, even ugly forms, from which, as from seeds, I grow powerful, fantastic flowers and plants.

My art is akin to the cabinet full of curiosities, the Kunstkamera. Deformities embedded in the objects give them deeply personal character. These "scars" only enhance the emotional bond between the subject and the author, between the author and the viewer.

There is an almost botanical illustration on my canvases, endowed with surreal intonations at the same time. I slightly deviate from reality, but deeply investigate and formulate it. The objects in my paintings can be both alive and dead at the same time.

With all the sad background of their birth and incarnation, my objects are full of vitality, eroticism and even comedy, they give birth to a new sensuality and sentimentality. I paint life and death, describe this simple process and filter it through my own experience, through the feeling of fragility and plasticity, weakness and strength'

Albina Bunina, artist
Albina Bunina was born in the small town of Orenburg. Later, trying to combine her favourite occupation and a future more technical profession, she entered the institute for a course in graphic design, but after studying for two years, she moved to St. Petersburg, where she continued her studies in her chosen speciality and simultaneously began working as a designer and illustrator.

In 2010, the artist successfully graduated from the Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts, moved to Moscow and began working as a designer and illustrator in the AST book publishing house, and then in an advertising agency.

In 2012, Albina took up painting as a hobby and in 2014, after going on maternity leave, she started building a career as an artist and commercial illustrator. Currently, her paintings are in private collections in England, Iceland, Canada, France, Luxembourg, Israel, Uzbekistan and Russia.

2014 "The Muse must work” - group exhibition competition. Artmuza Creative Cluster
(Saint Petersburg) 2015 ArtWhoArt - group exhibition of contemporary art (Moscow )
2016 ArtWhoArt - group exhibition (Mytishchi )
2018 "The Dark Side of the Garden" - personal exhibition "Artmuza" (Saint Petersburg)
2019 "Moscow Jazz" is a large seasonal vernissage, a group exhibition. Apartment S Gallery (Moscow)
2019 Merry-go-Round II is a group exhibition of contemporary art. Gallery "Here on Taganka" (Moscow)
2020 "BOTANICAL: A CONTEMPORARY COLLECTIVE" - online group exhibition (USA)
2022 "Art World" - art fair (Nizhny Novgorod)