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Alexandra Eliseeva Art

Location: Russia

Year of birth: 1991



"Alexandra is a careful observer attracted by the analysis of the intense feeling. Her observations and reflections build the stories full of deep feelings with the core of self-search and self-identification. Each scene relates to a single person or a whole generation. But the characters are impersonal. The ideas hidden by allegories and personalities changed into animal forms."

Alexandra is an artist from Saint Petersburg, is a co-founder and CCO of the "Art of blockchain" and "Re" projects, and she held more than 15 exhibitions of her art as part of these projects in China, Hong Kong, UAE, Indonesia, Germany, Czech Republic, and other countries.
More than 50 paintings by the author have decorated the homes of people around the world in three years.

Alexandra's works are always imbued with a double meaning, reticence, and understatement, causing background tension with its depth, laid inside, surfacing through the picture. Aesthetic, neat, delicate in appearance, but catchy hidden thoughts deep at the back of mind.

The author so deeply dives into research that sometimes the viewer is shocked by the shown frankness. The viewer does not always realize that everything written on it is already inside him, and often because of this, he experiences discomfort, not realizing that he is the hero of the work.

When we meet with the author's art one-on-one, we go deep into our dark corners, we are left alone with this shadow, unable and unwilling to run away from ourselves. Perfection on the outside and psychological tension inside - this is the most accurate description of modern humans.

Alexandra describes her artistic process as transferring her own observations onto the canvas.
She says that each of her artworks is a new story. Alexandra Eliseeva combines traditional oil paints and more recent technologies such as LED strips, fluorescent paints, projection art, and alternate and virtual reality in her original artworks.

Artist says: "Creativity is the desire to change the world. I use technology and create things
that affect the surrounding space and the feelings of other people. I am inspired by classical oil painting.

I am a very sensitive and attentive observer who is attracted to the analysis of intense feelings that I experience along with characters or specific events. Each picture for me is like a new story about a person or a whole generation, full of deep feelings with a core of self-search and self-identification.

All my characters are impersonal, I often use animal forms in my paintings. I like to compliment my work with flat geometric shapes or lines that contrast structurally with realistic images, which visually add dynamics to the image. In addition to paints, I use new mediums such as liquid silicone, glitter or fluorescent lamps, and I also use AR / VR in some of my work."


Personal exhibitions:

Moscow, Gazgolder - August 2017
St. Petersburg, Tkachi creative space - September 2017
UAE, Rixos premium Dubai - December 2017
Prague, - December 2017
Sochi, Rosa Hall - March 2018
St. Petersburg, So Sofitel - March 2018
Berlin, Estrel Berlin - May 2018
Moscow, house mansion Smirnov - June 2018
Singapore, Marina Bay Sands, SYMBIOSIS - November 2018

Group exhibitions:

Saint Petersburg, Erarta - November 2017
Moscow, "Apartment" - November 2018
Moscow, World Trade Center - March 2018
Moscow, Azimut hotel - April 2018
St. Petersburg, Lumiere hall, "Science festival" - August 2018
Art Box Project 3.0, Zurich Central Station - August 2021
St. Petersburg, Dom, «Transformation» - September 2021
Moscow, Tretyakov gallery, «Advent» - November 2021
Moscow, Tretyakov gallery, «Gold Antip» - December 2021
Moscow, A3 Gallery, «Future» - March 2022
Moscow, Gostiny Dvor, Art Russia Fair - March 2022

Publications and Criticism: