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Hello dear Collector

Welcome to TONERA. We appreciate a lot that you decide to purchase a piece of art and we are so glad to see you are a true art lover as we also are. The delivery of art is a unique process that may have special needs for packaging and documentation, which means the sender should retain expertise in this field.

Sometimes the shipping of the artwork has the same value as the artist creating and art collecting processes. So it is extremely important to meet all possible questions we both can meet regarding the shipping in advance. Here you will find the necessary information about shipping, package, dispatching, and delivery times, papers, and customs duties (in case of international purchases).

We will try to do our best and always keep in touch helping with all questions you may have. Feel free to ask us. We are sending our artworks worldwide regularly and can advise you on the most common questions.


Please, pay attention to place accurate delivery information during making orders and purchases. It helps plan correct delivery arrangements and exclude additional delivery charges incurred in case of incorrect details of address or contacts. Most items are sent by signed for delivery, so, please, also note, it could be required a signature upon receipt.

Delivery costs are usually mentioned on the product page for the Global destinations.


Delivery times are estimated but usually take from 2 to 14 working days (depending on the dispatching country) thanks to the express delivery service. However, sometimes it can delay because of the Customs process (for international delivery) or transport delays which is usually reported in real-time.

If you have any queries about shipping please contact us: or here.


We generally dispatch the product within 2-10 working days after receipt of payment depending on the exact products. In most cases, there are 2-5 working days for dispatch. If for some reason we are unable to dispatch the exact product you have ordered, do not worry, then we will write you directly in advance and refund the full sum paid for that item or offer you an alternative one.


We advise you to check directly with customs duties in the country where any delivery address is located. It helps understand what duties or other charges may be imposed. You also can find approximate calculations for some countries we provided below.

Customs duty and import charges are often called government charges as they are imposed by the government in every country and are outside of our control.

Please, note, you are solely responsible for complying with any import laws and requirements which apply to the country where the delivery address is located. It means that in cases of international delivery in addition to the actual purchase price of the product and the delivery costs, you will be solely and fully responsible for any and all tax/duty costs, fees, liabilities, handling charges, additional insurance that may arise or apply to your order after the package will cross the border. Most duties will be applied when an item will cross the border or before the delivery date, so in most cases, you will be notified about it (if appropriate) by email or phone.

We are sorry, but at this time we aren't able to reimburse you for any local import taxes or duties since those are payable by the importer (ie. the customer or collector) and this is regulated by every single country law.


Each courier can also add processing fees to their tariffs as they now have to process more documents to clear customs. The fees do vary and depend on the courier, they can be the exact sum or a percentage of the combined customs duty and VAT.


It also can be temporary delivery delays and longer custom processes in the EU now and we will appreciate your patience and are ready to help with papers in any way we can.

If you will meet difficulties during the customs papers completing or will have more questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by We will definitely try to help.

All arty interior products are supported by a signed Certificate of Authenticity and Letter from Gallery and Artists.

Depends on the product there are a few packages types possible: cardboard boxes or tubes for paintings and wall art, strong cardboard boxes or plywood boxes for sculptures and arty design products, etc. As usual, the package type is mentioned in the description on the product page or can be described on-demand. All packages types are strong, safe, and protected.


When you receive your order, please, carefully examine both the package (before it is opened) and the product for any damage after opening. If there is any damage whatsoever or a package shows signs of damage before it is opened, we highly recommend that you sign for the parcel "'Received Damaged", take photos, and please contact us as soon as possible via or here.

If you have any queries about shipping and delivery please contact us: or here.


If needed, also, please, learn our Return Policy.