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Evgenia Makarova Art

Location: Russia
Year of birth: 1984
and fluidity
of thoughts

Layering of One Emotional State on Another One

'The suppression of the emotional sphere of a person, mental health, the influence of sensuality as a set of affects, emotions and desires on consciousness and behaviour, is the subject of Evgenia Makarova’s research.

The mind is inextricably linked to our perception of the world and our experience. Our actions based on this perception continue to shape the world. Our thoughts and emotions create a sense of well-being or lack of it, but we do not fully understand the biological, psychological, or social foundations of our intellectual being.

Painting and sculpture are combined in Evgenia’s artistic method. She experiments with textures, and shapes, and introduces new mediums into her practice.

In the latest project «Abnormal», Makarova develops the topic of the problems of personality anomalies and the influence of the limitations of the emotional sphere on the human consciousness. Starting with the application of colourful layers on the stretched fabric, Evgenia proceeds to partially fill the surface with plastic of various textures and shades. The artist tries to achieve complex effects in creating art objects in a variety of ways and technological experiments to expand and improve the opportunities for the implementation of her ideas.

In her sculptural works, Evgenia tries to get variations of surfaces, flowing forms, and unexpected combinations of colours. Anthropomorphic and bright with whimsical textural forms, they express emotions frozen at the moment, the smoothness and fluidity of thoughts, the layering of one emotional state on another'

Evgenia Makarova, artist

2020 School of Сontemporary Art Learning Environment, Moscow, Russia. Course Art & Sience: Curator research
methodology. 2013-2015 Moscow School of Historical Calligraphy
2002-2008 Graduate degree in Graphic Design, Syktyvkar State University of Pitirim Sorokin, Russia

Group exhibitions
2022 Female Gaze, Galerie Am Roten Hof, Vienna, Austria.
2022 The 3rd One Hour International Short Film Festival (OHISFF), Papakura Art Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand.
2021 VII Festival Video nodoCaRACAS 2021, Caracas, Venezuela.
2021 Acropolis Remix | Embraces: Utopian Proximities. Acropolis Remix pavilion at The Wrong Biennale nº5.
2021 The Bath Open Art Prize 2021, 44AD artspace, Bath, UK.
2021 AIR Open 2021, AIR Gallery, London, UK.
2021 Summer II, Envision Arts, USA.
2021 Rebirth, Florence Contemporary Gallery, Italy.
2021 Abstraction, Manifold Global Art Gallery, Fountain Hill, USA.
2021 Tactile Sublime, Dodomu Gallery, Brooklyn, New-York, USA.
2021 Speechless, Albe Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
2021 Earth watcher, ZDES’ Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2020 The 3rd Abstracts juried art exhibition, J. Mane Gallery, Voorhees, USA.
2020 Visible Invisible, Kvartina Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2020 Rethinking the Line, Calligrafest, Moscow, Russia.

2021 Short List Tāctus, 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival, Greece.
2021 Short List Fresh Legs, Galleri Heike Arndt DK, Berlin, Germany.
2020 Honored Mention: The 3rd Abstracts juried art exhibition, J. Mane Gallery, Voorhees, USA.