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Helena Troyanskaya Art

Location: Russia

Year of birth: 1981


Contemporary Abstract Landscapes

"Emotional Paintings where everyone finds own memories"

Оriginal oil painting made with high-quality highly pigmented oil paints on linen canvas. Atmospheric contemporary abstract landscape in shades of earthy, sky and grass colours.

Contemporary artist Helena Troyanskaya creates atmospheric contemporary abstract landscapes full of shades, hints and references to deep mind adventures.

Оriginal oil painting made with high-quality highly pigmented oil paints on wood hardboard and canvases consists of a sensitive combination of different brown, ocher, emerald and blue colours.

The little amount of textural paste Helena uses on canvas adds more textures, highlighting the special tones or areas. Oil and archive varnish create luxury gloss. All-natural phenomena are balanced exactly as they are in real nature.

Brilliant colour intuition and special approach of working with oil paints help Helena to create smoky blur effects where the sky, horizon, shores, rivers and trees are slightly recognizable, but this makes them even more lyrical.

Every one of us saw the upcoming evening changing all colors around, the river creating a mystical water haze and majestic sky adorned with cirrus clouds. Or maybe you remember how hot days blurry far objects? Welcome to see all of this beauty in Helena’s landscapes.



2019 - "Moscow festival of abstraction" / ART center "ART Box" - Moscow, Russia

2019 - " Speed vector value“ / wine store in Moscow “Gourmet” - Moscow, Russia


2020 - 100 Unovis / New Tretyakov Gallery - Moscow, Russia

2020 - ALL Water/Seascape Art Exhibition & Competition Prospectus / USA - Annapolis, United States

2019 - “Not everything is what it seems” / The M. Tsvetaeva Museum - Moscow, Russia

2019 - Auctions house of contemporary art Litfond / Auction house Litfond - Moscow, Russia

2019 - Second all-Russian festival-competition "NEW NAMES-2019" / Center for the arts "ART Box" - Moscow, Russia

2018 - "Energy of Creation" / BC Simonov-Plaza Moscow - Moscow, Russia