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Irena Tone Art

Based in the UK.

A simple form builds a complex one.

Worldwide represented, award-winning artists, and international open calls finalists

Minimalist Sculptures and Paintings

"A simple form builds a complex one. In our approach, we go from the opposite, representing complex things in simple forms. For example, our animal sculpture consists just of a few simple metal balls, but this minimalism does not stop making it an animal. Do you agree?"
Worldwide represented, award-winning artists, and international open calls finalists, Irena Tone and Ros Kozhman are working together, creating art in the creative couple.

Previously having art practice and workshops in Israel and Ukraine, in 2020 artists got the Global Talent Visa UK in the field of Art and Culture and moved to England. They settled in London where continue to create arty products in their studio by brand name TONERA.

Irena and Ros often make a non-standard presentation of usual life in their work. By hyperbolizing, making simple or using metaphors they propose you take a fresh look at the nature of familiar things. The color and texture intuition helps Irena and Ros to create the right tone mood looks suitable for a modern interior. They primarily use pure and rich basic colors. They working on abstraction and minimalistic, with thematic series and middle formats.

Understanding the material's nature and physical processes helps them to use the different media types in the works. Creating handmade and hand-painted interior paintings, sculptures, planters, candleholders, artists are working with acrylic, textile, pigments, steel, metal, wood, and marble.

Artworks created by Irena and Ros are in the private home collections and presented in the interior shops and online platforms here, in England and Worldwide, in Europe, the USA, and Asia countries.

Shipping from England