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Irina Alexandrina Art

Location: USA
Year of birth: 1965

Passion of Beauty Essence

Alexandrina's painting is guided by her all-consuming passion to share with the viewer the beauty and perfection of the universe, which we sometimes pass by in a hurry. His work contains elements that pay homage to the technique and skilful touches of the old masters, mixed with abstract expressionism and colour field painting of contemporary names. The contours, tones, colours, and balance of nature are prominent in his paintings and reflect the very essence of the natural world around us and the elements that come together to create it. The changing surfaces, the use of bright and ethereal colours, and the consistent subtle movement of form and reason in the works are thoughtful and at the same time fluid, challenging, and at the same time completely peaceful within oneself.
Alexandrina's artwork conveys and allows the viewer to participate in this very personal journey. He currently works from his studio in Boca Raton, part of beautiful and inspiring Florida.

The Artist has had more than 10 personal exhibitions. Among the numerous exhibitions held in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Prague, Barcelona, and Florence, Beverly-Hills can be considered as part of her artistic treasury. The paintings by Irina Aleksandrina were presented to several politicians of European countries. Moreover, her paintings are on display in corporate collections of some leading banks and are enjoyed by some private collections all over the world.


1996 - Dix gallery» Helsinki. Finland
1997 - Personal exhibition in Prague. Czechia. Magazine «Word»
1998 - gallery Burgerhouse. Chella-Melis. Germany
1999 - gallery «Marabello». Barcelona. Spain
2000 - Personal exhibition in Florence, Italy. Gallery «The Old Bridge»
2001 - Irina Aleksandrina. Painting» the Russian house. Berlin. Germany
2003 - Exhibition «Moscow-Petersburg» the Central house of the artist. Moscow. Russia
2004 - Petersburg-Dresden» Institute of the literature. Dresden. Germany
2004 - Exhibition «Ecology» the Central house of the artist. Moscow. Russia
2006 - Personal exhibition in Beverly-Hills. USA
2007 - Personal exhibition «Empial Petersburg». Grand Hotel Europe. Saint-Petersburg. Russia
2008 - Personal exhibition in Aspen. USA
2009 - Personal exhibition «Petersburg views». Gallery «Elena». Moscow. Russia
2010 - Personal exhibition in gallery «Anna». Grand Hotel Europe. Saint-Petersburg. Russia