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Julia Gorbunova Art

Location: Russia

Year of birth: 1974


Meet Contemporary Mosaic

"Mosaic is the love of my life. Since I tried to work and arrange these multi-coloured pieces of glass I cannot imagine my life without what I love."
Julia Gorbunova. Artist

Julia Gorbunova is a contemporary mosaic artist.

For more than 15 years she is engaged in the decoration of private and public interiors and collaborating with designers and interior stylists. Artist creates wall panels, sculptures and art pieces, decorates restaurants and working spaces with mosaics artworks.

Despite the fact that the history of mosaic goes back more than one century, nowadays it is

experiencing its renaissance. Modern mosaic artworks completely change our understanding of this ancient art, the material reveals itself from a new side and sounds ultra-modern.

Julia creates works in contemporary style, complementing the interior with art objects. She really likes to experiment, look for new combinations and shapes.

Artist uses stone, glass, cement, gold leaf, which goes beyond the classical reading of the material. Her recognizable signature style is natural subjects made by inlaying thin pieces of gold and silver glass.

Julia shows that artworks in this fine craft technique look great in modern and classic homes, they become a decoration, and sometimes an aesthetic dominant of the interior.

In the era of mass production, unique pieces of art are becoming more and more popular with people who appreciate the exclusivity of handicrafts.

Julia says: 'Mosaic is my true passion! I want people to own art pieces that are not only beautiful but also valuable and their value increases over time.'




2004-2005 British Higher School of Art&Design, Moscow, Russia

1998-2004 Stroganov Art Academy Private art lessons, Moscow, Russia

1995-2000 RANEPA (The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public

Administration), Moscow, Russia

Group Exhibitions

07/2021 ArtDom Expodesign, Moscow, Russia

10/2020 Commune Shop&Gallery, Moscow, Russia

11/2019 Central Cultural Center, Moscow, Russia

02/2018 Romanov Dvor Gallery, Moscow, Russia

05/2017 Saint Ferrain Castle, Figueres, Spain

05/2017 Cultural Center, Moscow, Russia

07/2016 Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

02/2016 Dive Sokolniki, Moscow, Russia

01/2016 Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

12/2015 Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia


2015-2021: 100+ mosaic artworks commissioned in Russia

Cities: Moscow, St.Petersburg, Blagoveschensk, Ufa, Chita, Vladikavkaz, Irkutsk, Sochi, Perm, Sakhalin island

Arworks in private collections:

Russia, Tallin, Estonia, the UK, France, Switzerland, USA