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Lilia Bakanova Art

Location: Russia, Finland
Year of birth: 1975

Don't Afraid to Experiment

'Lilia’s interdisciplinary approach employs various media (textured surface of uncoated phototransfer, inevitability of smells, immersive nature of video or tactile surface of sculpture) in order to slow down the viewer. This deceleration focuses on the time flow, which is shown as decay, transformation and constant but barely seen change.

Decay viewed as a transformation process describes the core of Lilia’s art. She is interested in ageing, the reasons for unwelcoming attitude to ageing in society, changes in memory with time, and mutation of objects and their functions with time. Her projects with archives raise posthumanism issues and interest in other life forms. The works translate a nostalgic and meditative mood, or maybe a state close to Sehnsucht.
The variety of media is important to Lilia because the synesthetic experience enables access to diverse audiences.

The artist has had projects with nursery homes, visually impaired or hard-of-hearing people, as well as mentally challenged viewers, and is inclined to proceed with this practice'

Lilia Bakanova (born in 1975) works in St. Petersburg, Russia. Became a full-time artist in 2020.

Art fairs:
2022 Art Russia

Group exhibitions:
June 2022 - For a Reason, Glubina Gallery (Moscow)
February 2022 - Inversia, International Sound Art Festival (Murmansk)
September 2021 - Horizon of waiting, Polytechnical museum (Moscow)
September 2021 - Sculpture residence exhibition (Novgorod/Saint Petersburg)
August 2021 - Lendoc videoart exhibition (Saint Petersburg)
June 2021 - Thursday foundation (Saint Petersburg)
June 2021 - ArtHub (Ivanovo)
May 2021 - Left leg gallery (Omsk)
March 2021 - Zdes’ gallery (Moscow)

Artist in residence:
February 2022 - Field Recording Lab, Inversia, International Sound Art Festival (Murmansk)
April- May 2021 - olfactory lab, Thursday foundation (St. Petersburg)