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Nadezhda Olkhovskaya Art

Location: Russia
Year of birth: 1992
Life as
an art

Open new side

'I am always learning and developing in the direction of oil painting and graphics. I carefully study human anatomy and like to draw portraits using the dry brush technique. In painting, I am attracted not only by the aesthetics and plasticity of the human body but also by the emotional component.

Having more than 9 years of teaching experience, I professionally teach people to draw in my own studio, via online courses and lessons. The feeling of the nature of people allows me to reveal their creative abilities without much difficulty. I am glad and proud that after my classes, people find themselves in art and taking part in personal exhibitions'

Nadezhda Olkhovskaya, artist
Children's Art School in Magnitogorsk
Magnitogorsk State University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Magnitogorsk

Participation in the Christmas exhibition from the ChSHR (2018), Chelyabinsk
Participation in the exhibition dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the Faculty of FIID (KHF) (2021)