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Olga Rikun Art

Location: Russia

Year of birth: 1968


Master of Colors

"Throughout my creative experience, colour has been an unconditional and constant love. My current series is the result of the colour desire, its nuances and endless possibilities."
Olga Rikun. Artist
Olga has been drawing since childhood. In 2011 she returned to painting to start a new stage, full of artistic approaches. Since this period, Olga created several emotional art series and participated in numerous exhibitions and shows. Olga's art is widely known, and her artworks are in private collections worldwide.

Artist uses a rich range of techniques - from traditional oil painting on canvas to abstract experiments with acrylic. She masterfully combines varying mediums, trying to find new winning collaborations, such as watercolour on canvas to get spontaneous spots, acrylic and alcohol ink to get a blurry transparent effect, texture pastes to create volume and deep layering of the paintings.

The main art movement of the artist is abstract expressionism. Olga also draws inspiration in the WABI SABI style and in the creation of bewitching sensual women portraits.