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Pavel Kuragin Art

Location: Russia
Year of birth: 1983

Meet Mixed Media Art

Meet Pavel Kuragin, a self-taught artist. Experimenting with certain ideas and techniques together with classical surfaces, the artist uses different media: pieces of book pages, handmade paper, magazine sheets or craft paper which he is painting with oil pastel, acrylic, markers, ink, pencils etc.

Pavel Kuragin creates incredibly detailed conceptual paintings where each object and character has a role and sense. There are a lot of hidden stories inside. Mind-blown colours, sometimes surrealistic, sometimes realistic - Pavel's pieces of art look like a fairy tale from our childhood. It's mystical, a slight scare, but always a kind story. And you can not stop listening to this fable until the end.

Pavel's works are figurative and always contain a person, animal or character endowed with anthropological signs. Heroes with multiple eyes, mouths and noses or bizarre cute animals (fish, hares, cats and bears) behaving like humans are frequent characters in Pavel's paintings.

The works are full of bright, catchy colors, boldly combined. There is a lot of interaction between a person and an animal, both a domestic pet and a wild one, in the plots. They live together, coexist peacefully. The man in Pavel’s paintings is the protector and patron of the animal, animals hide behind his back, sit on his hands, dozens of animals fly, swim and run towards him.

In almost all of Pavel's paintings, there is a very detailed background, consisting of small objects and shapes interconnected with each other, being part of each other. Backgrounds abound with small patterns, geometric shapes and graphic elements. Every detail is there for a reason - you want to study and consider it.

Pavel's paintings do not need descriptive stories - they are stories in themselves: bright, interesting, exciting, such that you want to tell your friends and re-read it yourself. Learning Pavel's paintings composition is inspiring action for a long time. You will want to see all details and how they are related. Finally, you will find your own story.

For a few years, Pavel Kuragin sold out more than 3000 art pieces. Artist artworks appear in numerous private collections across Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Great Britain, Australia, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, UAE, Singapore and others.