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Ruslan Aksenov Art

Location: Russia
Year of birth: 1988

Robot's Universe of Ruslan Aksenov

"I would like people to look at my robots and see something important, the thing they have never seen and thought of before. Hope my art will not leave viewers indifferent. Please, welcome to my created Robot's Universe."
Ruslan Aksenov. Artist
The wastelands of the post-apocalyptic world, new robotic creatures and cyber-people have never been so attractive and soulful as in the art of Ruslan Aksenov.

Textured and elaborated design of artists' artworks creates patterns of a post-apocalyptic futuristic world where metal unicorns discover the rainbow, robotic dogs are searching for useful updates for their owners, cyber people learning how to live and survive in a new reality.

Breathtaking world "after" takes the central place in Ruslan's art theme.

Ruslan Axenov is a 32-year-old artist who creates his Robots Universe - a colourful “post-apocalyptic” world using just pure imagination, with no references. Ruslan Axenov’s futuristic world comes from images continuously created in his mind.

Ruslan says: “Inspiration comes naturally to me, I am lucky do not struggle with creative blocks. The process flows easily because it's a way of life, meditation for me. I wake up feeling the freedom to create whatever I want. I draw every day, one of my robots tattooed on my wrist helps me to stay motivated. I believe my “universe with robots” is my biggest achievement for this moment’.

Artist uses oil, ink and acrylic for his artwork. Working in his win original style, he creates his own detailed post-apocalyptic stories when each robot, cyber animal, cyberman or cyber woman is a unique persona with one and only way and experience. Each of them owns something eye-catching, something very touching. They all of course have upgrades, metal skeletons, cyber eyes and newly created devices etc. For sure in Ruslan's paintings, we find the clever mix of cyber, science, mechanics but all this post-apocalyptic gear can't hide a huge portion of humanity. Yes, there is a lot of human qualities despite all that already happened with our world in these painted stories.

Ruslan Aksenov also says: "Usually, I don't think through the plot, it appears in the process of drawing. My style was born in speed and expression. It is archival for me to reach my audience, their minds and hearts by my art".