Tanya Klyat


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Artist says: "The work "Yana" is part of a large cycle of wire sculptures that the artist has been creating since 2017. In this series, the artist reveals the theme of non-glossy, non-standard beauty. It is not the "right" beauty that comes to the fore, but the character, the individuality of the faces. Portraits focus the viewer's attention on the ambivalent nature of appearance: being at first glance repulsive and exaggeratedly going beyond what is considered beautiful, strong characteristic faces reveal their attractiveness due to their originality and dissimilarity. Thus, the boundary between attractive and ugly becomes shaky and controversial. The prototypes for wire sculptures are collective images, a kind of generalized portrait of the character, to each of which the artist assigns a human name, endowing them, as a living person, with their destiny."

Made in Russia in 2020.

Original, one-of-a-kind sculptures.

Location: Delivery: Express mail from Russia. Ships in the box. Full tracking. Usually arrives within 7 days after dispatch worldwide.

Authors: Created by Tanya Klyat

Materials: Wire, wood

Size: 32 х 17 х 10 cm

***Please, note, that real product colours may vary slightly from the images online***.

Type: Sculpture

Country: Russia

Size: Middle

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