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Tatiana Popova Art

Location: Russia
Year of birth: 1973

Simplicity of Composition

'Being a child, I thought that being an artist is the best profession. I still agree'

Tatiana Popova, artist

Popova Tatiana is an artist who lives and works in Moscow. She graduated from the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov, She also studied Art History Course in Contemporary Art at the Department of Design at the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Moscow.

Tatiana is a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, the International Art Fund, and a participant in more than 40 national and international exhibitions, including those in contemporary art galleries and museums. Her works are in private and gallery collections in Russia, Europe and the USA.

The artist prefers to work in oils in the style of realism. She draws her inspiration from nature, life and the works of Russian and European artists. Tatyana agrees with Pablo Picasso that "Inspiration exists, but it comes during work."

Tatiana's artistic approach is based on conciseness and expressiveness. Her work is not overloaded with visual content. She strives for a certain simplicity and rigour of compositional, light and tonal construction.


2022 - Gallery "Here on Taganka", group exhibition "Wow!", Moscow, Russia
2022 - Baranov Gallery, group exhibition "Pro. Youth", Moscow, Russia
2022 - Bogorodskoe Gallery, group exhibition "Art in the House", Moscow, Russia
2022 - Open Club Gallery, group exhibition "Small Tragedies", Moscow, Russia
2022 - Association of Painters of the Moscow Union of Artists, Winter Group Exhibition, Moscow, Russia
2022 - ArtiosGallery, group exhibition "WINTER EXTRAVAGANZA", New York
2021 - Mytishchi Historical and Art Museum, exhibition named after V.E.Popkov, Mytishchi, Russia
2021 - Russian Cultural Center in Valletta, "City and Man", Valletta, Malta
2021 - Chekhov Cultural Center, "The City of Earth-heaven", Moscow, Russia
The Art of Russia Project, Moscow, Moscow, Russia
2021 - International Art Foundation, group exhibition "Autumn Palette", Moscow, Russia
2021 - Creative Union of Artists of Russia, Moscow House of Nationalities, group exhibition "Man and the City", Moscow, Russia
2021 - Union of Artists of Russia, group exhibition, Moscow, Russia
2021 - State Historical Museum, group exhibition in the Pokrovsky Cathedral, Moscow, Russia
2021 - Tushino Museum and Exhibition Center, "Earth-Planet-Universe", group exhibition, Moscow, Russia
2021 - State Darwin Museum, " Earth. Version 2021. What happened next?", group exhibition, Moscow, Russia
2021 - Gallery "HERE, on Taganka, "Watching the Earthlings", group exhibition, Moscow, Russia
2021 - Nagornaya Gallery, "Subconsciousness", group exhibition, Moscow, Russia
2020 - STARYKH Gallery exhibition "What is your new year", St. Petersburg, Russia
2020 - Creative Union of Artists of Russia, Moscow House of Nationalities, Moscow State university named after M. V. Lomonosov, exhibition " The Charm of Winter», Moscow, Russia
2020 - Soviet Peace Foundation, exhibition " Mirages 21 years», Moscow, Russia
2020 - Museum of Modern art ARTMUZA St. Petersburg. Curatorial exhibition within the framework of the eco-art festival of intellectual art "Аnother reality"
2020 - participant of the international competition Luxembourg Art Prize, Luxembourg
2020 - ArtiosGallery, exhibition "The Art of being alone", New York
2020 - Gallery "HERE on Taganka", the exhibition "KUKRYNIKSY", curator Andrey Bartenev, Moscow
2020 - Creative Union of artists of Russia, exhibition " Travel. Moments of happiness", Moscow
2020 - The project "Art of Russia", the international artists ' club, exhibition "Summer opening day", Moscow
2020 - Union of artists of Russia, selection exhibition "Christmas on Begovaya", Moscow
2020 - International Internet competition "Seasons of the year-2020", Moscow. Finalist of competition.
2019 - Personal exhibition " sketches of our city"Cultural center "Mitino", Moscow