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Tatyana Kirikova Art

Location: Russia
Year of birth: 1982
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The Beauty of Surrounding World

'I am working on my favourite collection of paintings - abstract and semi-abstract landscapes. I love abstractions so much.

As you know, images in nature are inexhaustible that enabling us constantly change the colour and other formal elements and skilfully master them.
Thanks to the manipulation of natural forms I continue to keep my mood, passion and energy on the canvas which helps me to create my brainchild.
I firmly believe, that my works visually reveal my soul, outlook, my personality.

Being a painter, it is essential for me to realise that my pictures should not only decorate the houses but I have a great intention to transfer the beauty of the human experience through images provoking positive feelings, harmony, and relaxation.

I try to do my best to fill my pictures with emotions and shades of feelings due to multi-layers and the addition of some bright accents, textures, and blotches. While creating my pictures I think of the beauty of the surrounding world'

Tatyana Kirikova, artist
Tatyana Kirikova is an artist based in Russia whose paintings have been exhibited nationally. Inspired by nature, her abstractions, seascapes, oceanscapes, and landscapes are also expressions of her inner world and emotions. During her creative process, Kirikova often reflects on the beauty of our world. She primarily employs oils, acrylics, plaster, and gilding on canvas.


2021 - Gallery The Blik Art and Design, Moscow, Russia
2022 - DisArtSpring, Exposeed, Moscow, Russia
2022 - Abstractum Festival of Abstraction Arts, Exhibition Halls of the Union of Artists, Moscow, Russia
2022 - Art Today Expo, Tne New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2022 - The New Similarities, Milly Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia