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Valery Khattin Art


Meet Impressionistic and Abstract Landscapes Art

"The most incredible fantasies are just a drop in the ocean of reality"
Do you like impressionist works? So, please, meet the Valery Khattin paints expressive impressionist-style works inspired by nature. Valery Khattin is widely known at home and abroad, is one of the most productive impressionist contemporary artists.

Valery focuses on nature, its power and greatness, which colours never end and never do not fade. Turning the colour tumbler on maximum, Valery nevertheless saves harmony and balance. Despite hundreds of tones and thousands of strokes, the whole composition is always right here. Her Majesty Nature has created all we need, and Valery masterfully illustrates this.

The artist's paintings reference the great artistic styles close to impressionism and expressionism. Quick movings, generous paint strokes, the brightest colours and large canvases are the main “must-haves” in Valery Khattin studio. Using the rich and high-quality oil colours with a combination of the brave sweeping artistic approach, Valery builds extremely emotional art. Looking at his paintings, we hear the river noise, feel the flower field smell and see the sun meeting the grass.

There are perfectly coexist with a few of the greatest artistic styles such as abstraction, impressionism, expressionism in Khattin art. This variety of influences leads to a unique way to demonstrate landscapes in blurry form. A closer look seems like chaotic spots, but made a few steps back - and you will see the whole view, bring you right “that feeling”.

The artist graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. Valery found his artistic language full of passion and feelings discovering Western European art, using a heritage of French postimpressionists Paul Cezanne and Vincent Van Gogh. His hand puts confident, powerful brush strokes on the canvases, intuitively sets contrast and brightness. The chosen colours are sensual, sometimes even too much, but this increases the expression.

The artist exhibits globally to participate in art festivals in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sweden. Numerous artist paintings are in many collections and galleries. Valery’s work is held in the Museum of Modern Art, Pennsylvania and the Zimmerli Art Museum, New Jersey, as well as in numerous private collections in the UK, USA, China, Singapore, Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, Japan, Sweden, Korea and other countries.